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Here are a few of the many Supernatural testimonies of what Jesus has done in our church.

Power of Agreement

Last month, I had an irritating rash on the back of my left ear and I prayed and used anointing oil and it seemed to disappear, but later it came back again. Then, I ask Pastor David to pray with me and we would agree that it would be healed and God did. It disappeared and I have not seen it for over a month. I thank God for using Pastor David. The prayer of agreement works! I give God the glory!
-Linda T.

God is My Provider

Looking at my previous Giving Record, God has truly provided for me. I only make a certain amount in my income, but God made ways to bless me with extra income and in turn I was able to give more into my tithing and offering this past year.
-Alfreda S.

Reunited with My Daughter

I had not talked to my daughter in a long time. I received prayer from Exceed Life Church and have been attending the church for awhile. One day, my daughter gave me a call and now we are restoring our relationship. God is so good!
-Michael W.

Freed from Fear of Going Out of the House Alone

My sister and I attended an evening prayer meeting at the church. I had been dealing with the issue of fear that had left me afraid to go anywhere by myself. That evening, Pastor David Lambert had an alter call. I felt lead to go and have prayer over my fear, and the Lord delivered me that night. I went shopping by myself the very next day! My sister called me while I was out, and she was so surprised. She asked "Why are you out by yourself?" I told her that by the Grace of God, the fear had been removed from me. I praise God for my testimony and for what he has done in my life!
-H. W.

Delivered from Fear of the Future

"I had been praying these last few months about my fear of the future, but only felt God's delivering, freeing power after your prayer for me. You prayed that I would be freed from fear in the area of what I call 'moving on in my future' and to trust God for deliverance from being bound by the enemy and the feelings of not being worthy. I just wanted to tell you that God did an immediate work in my life in that area! I know that I know that he delivered me that very day. After seven years of feeling inadequate, afraid, and unworthy to trust God, He delivered me completely. I feel peace and complete trust in God. It's like a weight has been removed from me, Pastor. No matter what God's plans are for me, I know I will be able to walk where he leads."

-R. G. of Tulsa, OK

Small Child Healed of Club Feet

"My niece was born with club feet and when she was about 1-2 years old I brought her to to the church to be prayed for. She had to wear special prescribed shoes because her little feet were so badly turned in that she had great difficulty in walking. [Former] Pastor Joe laid hands on her and just a short while later we noticed she was walking without any difficulty and her little feet were normal. Jesus had completely healed her, and we thank God for His love, and His mercy and His healing power. He is our Healer all the time."

-T. G.

Brain Tumor No Longer There

"I told my Aunt about all the healings and miracles taking place in our church. She brought her Grand daughter to be prayed for because the doctors had taken an x-ray and determined that she had a tumor on her brain. My Pastor laid hands on her and she was instantly healed. When she was taken back to the doctor he took another x-ray and held it up beside the previous one; the brain tumor was not there. My little cousin was completely healed by the power of God. Praise His Name!"

-M. B.

Protruding Disc Healed

"I became ill on July 10, 2003. The diagnosis was bulging herniated disk between the L-4 and L-5 spine. I was told that the prognosis would not be very promising, and that it was no sure thing that I would be healed; or something could go wrong in surgery and not be able to walk again. Not only did I have the diseased disk, I also suffered from severe depression, bad hypertension, severe constant pain; and the only medication that would give a little, very little relief, was morphine and dilaudid.

"I was due for back surgery on September 27, 2004. Thanks be to God, I continued to keep the faith and I prayed and asked God to lead me to where I could find true God fearing Christians, who with the grace of God could lay hands on me and I be healed. I found that place when I went to Abundant Harvest Church three weeks ago; hands were laid on me, and I was instantly healed by the power of God. I have not taken a pill, nor had any pain, no use of a cane, walker, nor wheel chair since that Blessed night at the church. I believed, and I received. The Lord is good."

-Sheila Carter

NOTE: Sheila's doctor wrote a note to her employer stating "Ms. Sheila Carter has been healed and she is back to her good health. She is fit to go back to work as soon as possible."

She Was Able To Conceive After Prayer

"A couple in our church had no children and had gone through numerous tests and examinations without any success. My wife and I laid hands on her and prayed for her to conceive and bare a child. God is so faithful to His Word. Sure enough, within one year they had a beautiful, healthy baby boy! He is the prayer answering God."

-J. W.

Healed of a Female Disorder

"When my mother was scheduled for surgery for a female disorder, I had her prayed for at our prayer meeting at our church. When she went back to the doctor, he told her she no longer needed surgery because there was nothing there now to be removed. God is an awesome God."

-M. B.

Healed of Cancer and a Heart Condition

"A young woman came from Greece to the United States to have surgery for cancer. A friend of hers in Greece told her she should visit our church to be prayed for before having the surgery. She visited us at church and came up for prayer. My wife and I laid hands on her and cursed the cancer, and spoke healing throughout her body. She went to the hospital the next day to have her heart checked before having surgery, to see if her heart was strong enough to go through the operation. Her doctor asked her if she had received radiation treatment for her heart condition, and she said "no" that she hadn't. Her doctor told her there was evidence of intense heat around her heart, and that she no longer had a heart problem. When they performed surgery to remove the cancer they could not find anything to remove. She had been totally healed of cancer and a heart condition when we laid hands on her. She had told us about the cancer but didn't tell us about the heart problem. Before returning home to Greece she visited our church and gave her testimony of how God had completely healed her of cancer and a heart condition. Our God is full mercy and healing power."

-J. W.

Healed of Arthritis

"I started having a lot of pain all of a sudden throughout my body, especially in my arms and legs, even to the point that I was having difficulty dressing myself. I went to my family doctor three times and he said I had arthritis and needed to see a specialist. I made an appointment with the specialist but it would be a month before I could see him. I thought, 'how can I wait so long before getting some relief.' My daughter said "Mom you should go to church and get [former] Pastor Joe to pray for you." I decided I would do that, and that very night I dreamed that I did go to church and when I was prayed for in the dream, I was completely healed. So the next morning I went to church and went up for prayer. I didn't tell [former] Pastor Joe what my problem was, so I was amazed when he said "I command all that arthritis pain to go from you, now, in Jesus Name." I was completely, and totally healed by the power of God and have had absolutely no pain nor problem since. I am so thankful to God for healing me."

-J. P.

Healed of A.I.D.S.

"My brother went to the hospital to give some blood, but when they checked his blood they found that he had A.I.D.S. The hospital called him and told him what their diagnosis was, and of course they told him they could not accept his blood. When a family member learned about the diagnosis, she had my brother prayed for at the prayer meeting at our Church. When he went back to the doctor they could not find any trace of A.I.D.S. This is just one of the many miracles and healings that have happened at my church."


God Performed A Miracle

"It was almost time for my baby to be delivered and I went to my doctor for a regular office visit. When he did one of the tests he could see that the baby's head was much too large for a normal delivery, and he was even concerned about a C-section. I called [former] Pastors Joe and Anne Warren and told them the report. They came over immediately to pray for me and to assure me that everything was going to be fine. When they arrived at my home a short time later, as they stepped over the thresh hold into my home, I felt a warmth go through my side where the baby's head was. It was so profound that I thought I was wet there and put my hand there to see. I was not wet and the warmth continued for some time. I went to the hospital the next day, had a normal delivery, and my baby was perfect in every way. God had given me a MIRACLE. I thank God for Pastors who believe the Word of God and who will not accept a compromising position."

-Penny T.

Healed of Open Sores

"One of our congregation members asked us to come over to pray for her mother. She had very painful open sores on her feet, could not wear any shoes and the doctors had not been able to help her. As we visited with her, I felt impressed to lay hands on her feet, right on the open sores. When I did this, the sores disappeared and immediately new skin appeared where the sores had been. Jesus paid the total price for her healing and He showed up to take care of her feet."

-A. W.

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